113 Main Street North, Markham, Ontario, L3P 1X7

(905) 294-5517

Date: __________________

Instrument: _______________

Instructor: _________________

Terms of Agreement

A: Carlaw Conservatory Agrees To:

  1. Reserve teaching facilities each week for
    • 1 hour Group or Band class
    • ½ hour Private or Semi-Private class
  2. Prepare the student for performance and/or recording.
  3. Provide extra help or lessons free of charge, at the instructor's discretion.
  4. Lessons that are skipped or cancelled without adequate notice will be charged at the standard rate.

B: The Student Agrees To:

  1. Pay the 1st and last months tuition at registration.
  2. Remit monthly tuition fees at the beginning of each month.
  3. Attend all scheduled classes. Make-up lessons are not mandatory and will be given at the sole discretion of the instructor.

C: Applicable Fees:

Annual Registration Fee (payable at enrolment)
Monthly Tuition
_ _ _ _
Last Month Tuition (payable at enrolment)
_ _ _ _
Total Due at Enrolment:
_ _ _ _

D: Notes:

  1. Carlaw Conservatory scheduled closings:
    • 2 weeks during the Christmas season
    • Statutory Holidays
    • March Break
  2. Private lessons for unregistered students are available at $25.00 per ½ hour.
Lesson Scheduling
Payment Type
Payments are non-refundable